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  • 1 100% New Zealand Pork Cooked Half Ham on the Bone
  • 2 medium oranges, finely sliced
  • 12-15 whole cloves
  • ½ cup golden syrup
  • 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard


1. Carefully run your fingers under the skin of the ham and lift it away. Do this slowly so that you finish with a smooth layer of fat. Place on a rack in a foil lined baking tray.

2. Arrange overlapping layers of orange slices over the ham, securing each orange slice with a whole clove and a few toothpicks.

3. Mix together Chelsea Golden Syrup

4. Preheat lidded barbecue to 200°C, place ham tray in the centre of the barbecue. Cover and return to temperature, this usually takes about 15 minutes. Turn the gas to low and cook at 200°C for 45 minutes to glaze ham. Alternatively, cook for a further hour or until hot through to the bone. Serve the ham hot or cold.

Oven Baking Method:

Bake in the oven at 180°C for 30-45 minutes, brushing with glaze every 10-15 minutes. To serve hot, bake at 160°C, allowing 20 minutes per kilogram, brushing with glaze every 15 minutes until it has all been used.

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1 Rating Barbecue Orange and Mustard Glazed Ham

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bob's Review | Rating

Tried it last xmas-fantastic