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  • 200 g ginger crunch or similar-style biscuits (not ginger snaps)
  • 75 g butter, melted
  • 410 g can Wattie's Apricot Halves in Clear Fruit Juice
  • 500 g pottle cheesecake filling

Apricot Halves in Clear Juice

Sun-ripened and picked at their peak, Wattie’s apricots have captured natural goodness with that sweet, tangy flavour.


1. Crush the biscuits in a food processor, or alternatively place in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Mix with the butter and use to line the base and sides of a 20cm loose bottom flan tin.

2. Strain the Wattie's Apricots in Clear Fruit Juice and discard the juice. Cut the apricot halves into 4 pieces.

3. Fold the apricots with the cheesecake filling to make a smooth mix.

4. Spread into the prepared flan tin and refrigerate for 3-4 hours or until set. Serve in wedges.

Alternatively - Rather than make into a cheesecake, prepare the crumbs and cheeesecake mix to point 3. Take 6 individual serving glasses and layer the crumbs with the cheesecake mix. Garnish with a little grated orange zest. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before serving


Try making this as individual serve cheesecakes - see our serving options below.

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21 Ratings Apricot Cheesecake

Reviews (21)

Amy's Review | Rating

yummy yummy yummmy

Pamela's Review | Rating


Anya's Review | Rating

This is my dinner party favourite.

Merle's Review | Rating

My food processor did not like gingerernuts.
It would not crumb them so gave up on recipe.

Aimee's Review | Rating

Sooooooooo good!

Brenda's Review | Rating

have been on holiday and made this for my friends.
Did 1 apricot and 1 pineapple. Very big thumbs up.

Verena's Review | Rating

Very yummy!! I made the alternative version in serving glasses. Guests loved it!

sue's Review | Rating

very simple and tasty

Helen's Review | Rating

One of the yummiest cheesecakes i have eaten

Raewyn's Review | Rating

Very yummy cheesecake.

evelyn's Review | Rating

very nice

gloria's Review | Rating

a really lovely rcipe & sooooo easy to make

john chiplin's Review | Rating

I made this for exmas and it went down a treat, very simple to make, its a cracker.

des jepson's Rating
kass aanensen's Review | Rating

what sort of ginger biscuits would you use?? - it looks delicious

Reply from Di - Food Editor Food in a Minute

Hi Kass - Gingernuts would work well. Enjoy!

Brenda Henry's Review | Rating

Apricot Cheesecake

Helen Kinsman's Review | Rating

Made this today and it makes a decent sized cheesecake. It looks lovely - but we thought it a little bland. I expected the Maple Syrup flavour to come thru more which it didn't. I think using gingernut biscuits for the base may lift the flavour.

Andrea's Review | Rating

I've never made a cheesecake before but this looks relatively easy. I am assuming the portly of cheesecake filling is just cream cheese? (Andrea)

Betty's Review | Rating

I added some whipped cream to this recipe. It made it a litte lighter and not quite so rich.
It is yummy

kerrie's Review | Rating


kerrie's Review | Rating