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Classic Caesar Salad

In just 4 easy steps you can create this popular salad. It’s super easy and tasty with Eta’s Caesar Dressing. We love to serve this with grilled chicken but it’s also great as a light meal any time of the year.

Blokes Platter

Create a rustic character platter this summer using Mediterranean Chunky Dips.

The Family Platter

Everything you need for a delicious platter for the whole family using Mediterranean Dips.

Ladies Platter

Everything you need for a tasty entertaining platter this summer made with new Mediterranean Greek-style Yoghurt Dips.

Plum Ice Blocks

Black Doris Plums and ginger are a match made in heaven. These iceblocks have a spicy kick from the ginger, with the tart plums this is the perfect adult iceblock.

Easy Fruity Ice Blocks

Get the kids to help with these ones, blend the fruit and freeze. These will be a summer favourite.

Boysenberry Yoghurt Ice Blocks

These iceblocks look stunning and couldn't be easier to make. All it takes is Watties' Boysenberries and greek yoghurt and you've got the perfect match.

Boysenberry & Hazelnut Pavlova

Why not try a new pavlova recipe this year. Our hazelnut pavlova is the perfect mix of nutty flavours combined with delicious sweet boysenberries.

Cranberry and Maple Glazed Ham

The traditional Christmas ham is a favourite, nothing is better than the balance of the sweet and tangy in our cranberry and maple glaze. Serve this ham hot or cold it'll be the centrepiece of your Christmas dinner.

Cheese Rolls with a Twist

We've turned a long time Southland favourite into a Wattie's Tomato Sauce favourite! Simple and fun to make (and eat), whip some of these up for everyone to enjoy. Perfect for morning or afternoon tea, or anytime you need a quick and tasty snack!

Bacon, Basil Pesto & Egg Pies

More than just a dip, Mediterranean Chunky Basil Pesto is the perfect addition in these delicious and simple little pies for bacon lovers.

Lamb & Halloumi Sliders with Beetroot Dip

New Mediterranean Beetroot & Mint Greek-style Yoghurt Dip brings real depth of flavour to this tasty take on lamb sliders.

Roast Pumpkin & Sundried Tomato Salad

Versatile and authentic, new Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Chunky Dip gives a burst of fresh flavour to this satisfying salad.

Pork Ball Kebabs

Turn on the grill and try something new this summer with Wattie's Tomato Sauce 50% Less Sugar & our pork ball kebabs. A great meal for all ages and so easy to put together. Load with your favourite veges for the perfect meal.

Easy Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice

Looking for the perfect last minute week night meal, here it is. This easy fried rice is ready in 20 mins, just what you need on a busy night. Make extra and you've also got lunch ready for the next day! These great flavours will also work with prawns or beef.

Citrus Pan Fried Snapper

A fresh and zesty summer recipe! This citrus marinade is the perfect complement for this light fish dish. This easy dish is sure to be a summer favourite, made even easier with your side of perfect Wattie's SteamFresh vegetables.

Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is so versatile, use for tarts, trifles or even as a tasty spread. It's also a great way to use your leftover egg yolks.

Four Bean Patties

Embrace meat free Monday's with our tasty Four Bean pattie recipe. Mix these flavoursome patties together, serve with salsa or as a burger. A quick, easy and healthy dinner option.

Lentil and Spinach Cannelloni

Nothing beats this Italian classic. A rich passata sauce, creamy ricotta and lentils, the perfect mince alternative. A great all rounder and even better for lunch the next day.

Summer Chickpea Ratatouille

This colourful and summery version of a ratatouille is a great family meal solution. Easy to put together and with the added protein from chickpeas it makes the ideal healthy vegetarian option. So versatile, serve hot or at room temperature as a salad.

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  • New Eta Thick ‘n Creamy Mayo is made using whole eggs which makes it the perfect mayo to dollop on your burger or use as a dip for wedges and fries.