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  • Winter Casserole with Herb Dumplings

    Keep winter at bay with diced steak, winter veges and herb dumplings in a warming casserole.

  • Vegetable Hot Pot

    A hearty vegetarian meal. Perfect for a Sunday night meal in front of the fire.

  • Turkish Lamb and Mashed Potatoes

    This spicy lamb is warming and delicious, served with Turkish-style mashed potatoes that are so easy yet so stylish. If you can’t find casserole lamb look for diced shoulder lamb. This recipe is also great for freezing − defrost the lamb and make the potatoes that night.

  • Turkey Drumsticks in an Apricot Sauce

    Turkey becomes an easy everyday dish with Tegel Fresh Turkey Drumsticks roasted with Wattie’s Bit on the Side Apricot Sauce.

  • Tomato Berbere Lamb Shanks

    Lamb shanks like you’ve never had them before – garnished with ginger and Berbere spices in a thick tomato sauce for a perfect winter treat.

  • Sweet and Sour Ginger Pork Casserole

    A tasty Asian-style casserole that's quick and easy to make using Wattie's Stir Fry Sweet and Sour Sauce for added flavour.

  • Spanish Meatballs

    This is an easy meal to prepare and cook – either on top of the stove or in the oven.

  • Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb

    Cold nights are great for the rich flavours of this dish: the great combination and the lemony zing makes this a winter winner.

  • Slow Cooked Pork

    This just couldn’t be easier! Simply put it all in a casserole or crockpot and let all the lovely flavours simmer together, then serve tossed through pasta as we have done. It's just as great with potatoes or rice.

  • Saucy Beef Olives

    The jury is still out on how beef olives got their name when there are no olives in sight. If you haven't tried them before or even if you have, give this variation a go. It has a fruity stuffing and saucy gravy, and can be cooked in the oven or in the crockpot for really tender beef.

  • Pork and Apple Cider Braise

    Trim and tender pork always gains its fair share of praise, and this zesty dish is no exception. Sure to be a favourite with kids and adults alike.

  • Kumara and Lamb Curry

    This rich and thick curry without cream isn’t too strong for the whole family to enjoy. Served with nutty rice and raita, it can be made in the slow cooker − which can be handy in the summer to help keep the house cooler, and saves on heating up the oven.

  • Jazzy Apricot Chicken

    This is the sort of chicken dish that works for the whole family – with dried apricots turning a simple dish into something very special.

  • Hearty Lamb Shanks

    Lamb shanks are back in fashion, baby! If you’re looking for a hearty meal which will warm the cockles of your heart, this is the one for you. Team it up with a bottle of pinot noir and you’ve got the perfect evening meal.

  • French Chicken

    This deliciously creamy classic French creation blends the zing of spicy chorizo and the smoothness of chicken soup to create a most memorable meal.

  • Country Chicken Casserole

    A one-pot casserole full of rich tomato flavour, tender chicken pieces and vegetables. Ideal for the winter months or family get togethers.

  • Classic Beef, Garlic and Herb Hotpot

    Rich and satisfying for those cool nights. Add some garlic and herb sea salt to the mashed potatoes for full, happy tums. Another easy recipe for the oven or crockpot.

  • Chicken Casserole and Mash

    Here is a classic chicken casserole the family will enjoy. The carrot, celery and parsnip are quite traditional vegetables in casseroles, but this recipe will work well with whatever you have. Try swede, pumpkin, kumara or potato to add some variety.

  • Chasseur Lamb Shanks

    We've given this French classic a Kiwi touch! Instead of chicken, we’ve used lamb shanks cooked slowly in the oven or slow cooker.

  • Beef and Tomato Pom Pom Casserole

    Potato Pom Poms are another Food in a Minute favourite, and a great way to top off a delicious beef casserole. For those of you that enjoy cooking in a slow cooker, this recipe can easily be adapted.