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  • Roast Cranberry Turkey with Honey Ginger Roast Vegetables

    Here’s a delicious Oriental twist to a traditional favourite. Our delicious honey, ginger and orange glaze gives turkey and roast vegetables an exotic spin.

  • Quick Bean Salad

    Some dishes are almost too easy! This one, using pasta shells and mixed bean salad, gets a medal for utter simplicity and another one for taste!

  • Pumpkin Soup with Tuna Melts

    After a busy weekend, why make Sunday night tea more complex than it has to be. Give yourself a break!

  • Pumpkin, Potato and Lentil Curry

    Give yourself a vegetable-powered boost without compromising on taste in this classic curry that’s quick and easy to whip up.

  • Pumpkin Cannelloni

    An Italian favourite – so relax, put on some opera, and enjoy.

  • Pumpkin and Chicken Pie

    As the nights close in and temperatures take a plunge, what better than a piping hot pie to raise a smile? Topped with a crisp layer of yummy Wattie’s Potato Pom Poms, this traditionally-inspired chicken dish calls on those old winter favourites of pumpkin soup and bacon for tasty background flavour.

  • Pumpkin and Blue Cheese Fettucine

    Who said only the Italians know how to make a good pasta? This pasta dish combines crispy bacon with pumpkin and blue cheese, all folded through fettucine and topped with toasted pinenuts – bellissimo!

  • Pumpkin and Spinach Lasagne

    Comfort food at its best. Enjoy the flavour of homemade lasagne to enjoy with the family any day.

  • Pumpkin and Coriander Vegetable Curry

    Wow! Serve this out of the pumpkin and this is one time you can eat the serving dish!

  • Primavera Pasta

    Primavera means 'spring' in Italian, so enjoy the flavours of spring with this delicious pasta. If you can’t get fresh asparagus, sliced beans or sugar snap peas will work just as well.

  • Potato and Parmesan Cakes with Tomato Sauce

    These Potato and Parmesan Cakes make a great easy meal served with a fresh garden salad.

  • Pork with Courgettes

    Orange, honey and Chinese five spice powder make a wonderful overnight marinade for pork slices … it’s steeping while you’re sleeping.

  • Pork and Kumara Apricot Bake

    Give a farmhouse favourite a Kiwi twist with the sweet taste of orange kumara.

  • Pork and Apple Cider Sausage Bake

    Nothing beats a nice sausage dish every now and again. This devilled sausage recipe has a little twist, with the addition of cider or apple juice and duchesse potatoes on top. It's easily good enough to serve up when friends or family visit.

  • Pork and Pesto Bake

    This delicious recipe is a great base for experimenting with. Pork is delicious, but the recipe will also work well with chicken or beef along with your favourite seasonal vegetables.

  • Peasant Salad

    Eggs, asparagus or green beans, tuna, mixed beans and French bread get together in this tasty summer walk-in salad.

  • Pasta One Pan Dinner

    Our motto: the less mess the better. This great meal comes together in one pan with the pasta cooking in the sauce. Couldn’t be easier.

  • One Pan Bolognese

    After you’ve cooked the meal, who wants to face a stack of washing up? This one-pan meal makes cleaning up easy.

  • No Cook Beetroot Relish

    A brilliant concoction that keeps in the fridge – perfect for barbecues.

  • Mustard Creamed Spinach/Italian-Style Beans

    These tasty side dishes are a delicious addition to any meal.