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  • Coconut Fish Curry

    A tasty fish curry with a butter chicken twist.

  • Chilli Mussels

    New Zealand mussels are plentiful, inexpensive and delicious – make the most of them with this wonderful Asian- style dish.

  • Chilli and Lime Fish with Noodles

    Brighten up your day with refreshing lime zing and a touch of chilli. It tastes delicious, and did we mention it's good for you too?

  • Californian Rolls

    Make your own Californian Rolls like a pro with this easy DIY recipe.

  • Calamari Chips with Thai Sweet Chilli and Lime Dip

    If you were on holiday in Thailand, you’d treat yourself to a dish like this and rave about it when you got home. Why wait?

  • Barbecue Fish and Feta Salad

    Fish, everyone’s favourite dish! Especially when you barbecue a nice fillet of fish and serve it with baby new potatoes and a lovely feta salad.

  • Baked Orange Roughy with Mango Salsa

    A healthy and refreshing meal for 2, or double the recipe for 4. The lovely buttery flavours of the orange roughy go so well with the mango salsa, you’ll think you’re on an island vacation.