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  • Asian Prawn Curry

    These distinct Asian flavours blend beautifully to create a tasty curry! Quick, easy and perfect for entertaining.

  • Whole Baked Fish and Cucumber Salad

    Fire up the barbie for this easy and refreshing fish and salad recipe. Alternatively, fillets of fish cooked in foil parcels will also work with this tasty seasoning.

  • Tuscan Fish

    Tuscan food is big on flavour – and this wonderful fish made with Tuscan-style tomatoes, broad beans and olives is no exception.

  • Tuna Pasta Bake

    An easy-to-prepare tuna pasta bake, flavoured with tuna and topped with a tasty grated cheese. Delicious served with a fresh green salad.

  • Tuna and Tomato Pasta Bake

    Fussy children? Busy schedules? No time to shop? Here’s a recipe that is everything you’re looking for.

  • Thai-Style Calamari with Asian Greens

    Whip up a nutritious and delicious meal packed with essential omega-3 and the much-loved flavours of Asia. Tender calamari rings blend with mild chilli sauce, fresh coriander, stir-fry vegetables and toasted sesame seeds in a light combination that tastes so right!

  • Thai Green Curry Rice Risotto with Fish Fritters

    Fishing for a compliment? Try this risotto dish which takes boring old rice and fish and turns them into a culinary extravaganza! The fish is mixed with lime and coriander to create tasty fritters, while the risotto and vegetables add traditional Thai flavours to the dish.

  • Thai Coconut and Calamari Curry

    Dreaming of a Thai escape? This delicious calamari curry with the quintessentially Thai taste of coconuts should tide you over till your next break.

  • Thai Coconut Curry

    This easy recipe can be made with either prawns or chicken and the flavour has been perfected for you.

  • Teriyaki Salmon and Udon Noodles

    Give yourself an omega-3 boost in the best possible taste with this Japanese-inspired creation that’s big on flavour and nutritious ingredients. A sure-fire winner that will win you compliments every time.

  • Teriyaki Potato Hotcakes

    Need a light snack or simple entertaining idea? Mashed potatoes make a lovely soft hot cake. Why not try it with cold cooked chicken instead of the fish? Either way it’s a crowd pleaser.

  • Tangy Tuna Fish Cakes

    Fish cakes are a great way to make a little tuna go a long way. These can be made with starchy potatoes or kumara.

  • Tarakihi Laksa

    One bite and they’ll be hooked by this fragrant Thai-inspired laksa mixed with soft and yummy egg noodles.

  • Tangy Sweet Thai Tuna on Noodles

    A quick, fast, tasty meal on the table in fifteen minutes flat!

  • Sweet Chilli Fish in Paper

    Baking fish in paper with sweet chilli sauce seals in all the juices and keeps it tender.

  • Sweet and Sour Fish

    Sweet and sour is another one of those all-time favourites and this is a great way to enjoy fish. This recipe is easy enough to make using chicken or pork. Remember to drain the oil well after cooking the fish to keep the fat level down.

  • Southern Indian Fish Masala

    Low on fat but full of flavour, this recipe is simple and sure to become a favourite. It can be easily halved or doubled to suit your household, although you may need to alter the cooking time a little.

  • Smoked Fish Pie

    Here’s a classic recipe all smoked fish lovers should try. Packed full of flavour it makes a hearty & comforting winter meal.

  • Smoked Fish and Pasta Salad

    A few simple ingredients are all you need for a tasty salad – great for family meals, picnics and barbecues.

  • Seafood Marinara on Pasta

    A rich seafood sauce using fish, mussels and red wine with Wattie’s Chunky Tomato and Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce. Pass the parmesan!