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  • Warm Lamb and Lentil Summer Salads

    Summer or winter, this salad makes a quick and delicious meal.

  • Tuscan Lamb Shanks

    A traditional family favourite with Italian flavour!

  • Turkish Lamb and Mashed Potatoes

    This spicy lamb is warming and delicious, served with Turkish-style mashed potatoes that are so easy yet so stylish. If you can’t find casserole lamb look for diced shoulder lamb. This recipe is also great for freezing − defrost the lamb and make the potatoes that night.

  • Tomato Berbere Lamb Shanks

    Lamb shanks like you’ve never had them before – garnished with ginger and Berbere spices in a thick tomato sauce for a perfect winter treat.

  • Tangy Apricot Nibbles

    Add a bit of variety to your barbecue this weekend. Introduce some new flavours with these two quick marinades.

  • Summer Lamb Satay with Noodles

    New Zealand lamb meets Indonesian satay sauce – do your bit for cross-cultural relations in the kitchen.

  • Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb

    Cold nights are great for the rich flavours of this dish: the great combination and the lemony zing makes this a winter winner.

  • Sesame Lamb Burgers

    Burgers go gourmet! These tasty lamb burgers are seasoned with lemon, ginger and sesame, served on grilled bread and topped with grilled red peppers, salad and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

  • Quick Winter Roast Lamb

    Remember the smell of lamb roasting for Sunday lunch when you were a kid? That tradition has passed, but roast lamb is surprisingly quick and easy for any night of the week.

  • Moroccan Lamb Pilaf

    Take a fresh look at lamb with this much-loved North African rice dish. Layer upon layer of exotic, unmistakably fragrant flavours make for the perfect complement to our world-renowned New Zealand lamb. Tasty, wholesome and guaranteed to please!

  • Moroccan Lamb

    Moroccan spices are very popular, and add wonderful flavour to any meat. This one-pot lamb dish is a perfect way to try them, and it's quick and easy too.

  • Mexican-Style Chilli Con Carne

    Cinnamon and cocoa may seem unusual in a chilli, but these are our secret ingredients that make this recipe really special.

  • Lea and Perrins Lamb Chops

    Take some good old Kiwi lamb chops and add a dash of the Empire, and you've a dish that'll please the grandparents and Anglophiles alike.

  • Lamb Satay with Crispy Noodles

    Wok-a-licious! Cooking with a wok is quick and easy. This creamy lamb satay is a great way to get into the groove.

  • Lamb Satays

    Marinating strips of lamb overnight in satay sauce, garlic, brown sugar and soy sauce infuses it with sweet and spicy flavour. Great as a meal or a party nibble.

  • Lamb Pesto Kebabs with Italian-Style Sauce

    Italian flavour makes these classic lamb kebabs an offer you simply can’t refuse. And why would you when they take New Zealand’s favourite meat to such heights?

  • Lamb Biryani

    Summer in a different country without leaving home! All it takes is lamb, curry paste, rice, lentils and nuts to create a delicious Indian meal.

  • Lamb and Peanut Winter Braise

    Good old Kiwi lamb and kumara goes Indonesian with a creamy satay sauce.

  • Kumara and Lamb Curry

    This rich and thick curry without cream isn’t too strong for the whole family to enjoy. Served with nutty rice and raita, it can be made in the slow cooker − which can be handy in the summer to help keep the house cooler, and saves on heating up the oven.

  • Honey and Rosemary Glazed Lamb with Roasters

    Remember your grandmother slaving over a hot stove to produce The Sunday Roast? Well, the good news is that kitchen slavery has been abolished and this glazed roast lamb is quicker and better than ever!