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Lamb Recipes

Apricot, Tomato and Lamb Tagine

For a touch of morocco serve on couscous but just as tasty on mashed potatoes or rice.Make it on the stove top or follow the directions below for the crockpot.

Barbecue Lamb Pizza

Pizza on the BBQ! This is barbequing at its most fun. This recipe can also be made in the oven inside so whatever the weather you won’t miss out on these delicious flavours.

BBQ Lamb & Summer Vegetable Salad

Make a meal of this delicious salad. Tender lamb, roasted vegetables and a burst of flavour from the caramelised onion dressing. Just divine!

Chasseur Lamb Shanks

We've given this French classic a Kiwi touch. Instead of chicken we’ve used lamb shanks cooked slowly in the oven or slow cooker.

Cottage Pie

Give the dependable cottage pie an inspired lift with rich tomato flavours under a creamy cap of cheesy mashed potato.

Easy Lamb Biriyani

Biriyani is a popular Indian rice dish that often incorporates meat or chicken. This ‘cheat’s’ version turns cheating into a virtue!

Easy Lamb Korma

Creating your own flavoursome Lamb Korma at home is easy with Wattie’s WOK Creations Korma Sauce. It only takes 4 ingredients and 3 easy steps to create a meal the whole family will enjoy.

Easy Shepherd's Pie

Lamb is the traditional meat in a shepherd's pie, but beef tastes great too. We’ve called it easy because the potato patties are just placed on top and into the oven. This is sure to be a family favourite on busy nights.

Fragrant Moroccan Lamb

This rich tomato and apricot lamb is quick and easy using lamb steaks and if you make the couscous while the lamb is cooking dinner will be on the table in next to no time.

Gourmet Chilli Lamb Steaks

‘Gourmet’ doesn’t need to mean ‘difficult’. In fact, in this case it means ‘ridiculously easy, but very impressive.'

Greek-Style Lamb Koftas

These Lamb Koftas are a great excuse to get the barbecue going. Served with a tasty couscous salad and Feta and Garlic Dressing, they’re sure to go down well in any household.

Hearty Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks are back in fashion, baby! If you’re looking for a hearty meal which will warm the cockles of your heart – this is the meal for you. Team it up with a bottle of Pinot Noir and you’ve got the perfect evening meal.

Herb Crusted Lamb with Roasted Vegetables

Roasts aren’t just for winter. Take a succulent piece of lamb, roast it on the barbecue and serve it up with salad. Sensational!

Honey and Rosemary Glazed Lamb with Roasters

Remember your grandmother slaving over a hot stove to produce The Sunday Roast? Well, the good news is that kitchen slavery has been abolished and this glazed roast lamb is quicker and better than ever!

Indian Lamb and Lentils

Try this delicious take on an Indian Lamb curry. Cooked with lamb, tomatoes, lentils and cauliflower with authentic Indian spices this makes a great week night dinner and it has the Healthy Pick!

Kumara & Lamb Curry

This rich and thick curry without cream isn’t too strong for the whole family to enjoy. Serve with the nutty rice and raita. It can be made in the slow cooker which can be just as useful in the summer to help keep the house cooler and saves heating up the oven.

Lamb and Peanut Winter Braise

Good old Kiwi lamb and Kumara goes Indonesian with a creamy satay sauce.

Lamb Biryani

Summer in a different country without leaving home. All it takes is lamb, curry paste, rice, lentils and nuts to create a delicious Indian meal.

Lamb Korma with Saag Aloo

It is a myth that Indian-inspired cooking is hard. This Korma curry is truly easy and mild enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Lamb Pesto Kebabs with Italian Style Sauce

Italian flavour makes these classic lamb kebabs an offer you simply can’t refuse. And why would you when they take New Zealand’s favourite meat to such heights?

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