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Fruit Recipes

Peach Smoothie and Banana Smoothie

This is a smoothie of substance! Made with Watties 99% Fat Free Vanilla Creamed Rice it’s a meal in itself – ideal when you haven’t time to eat, but need the energy.

Pear and Blackcurrant Slice

Sure to be a popular slice for all the family. If you have extra Fruit Squirtz from this recipe and not sure what to do with them make a fruit smoothie. Just add the drained pear juice and some yoghurt or try it as an ice cream or yoghurt topping.

Pear and Raspberry Summer Crumble

For an easy, light and refreshing dessert, this Summer Crumble will make you a hit with family and friends. Layers of pears, raspberries, yoghurt and a delicious oaty crumble – yum!

Pear and Vanilla Crumble Muffins

Stuck for something to put in the lunchbox? These scrummy, deliciously, moist muffins will go down a treat.

Pear Shortcake

Melt in your mouth shortcake with a delicious pear filling to enjoy with friends and family.

Plum & Chocolate Cheesecake

A cheesecake is such a treat and, with its chocolate biscuit base and delicious tangy plum filling, this one won't disappoint. If you haven't made a cheesecake before you might be surprised how easy it is, especially with a food processor.

Plum and Cinnamon Crumble Cake

Every once in a while a great cake comes along that has the ability to make you famous among your friends and family. This is such a cake.

Plum Ice Blocks

Black Doris Plums and ginger are a match made in heaven. These iceblocks have a spicy kick from the ginger, with the tart plums this is the perfect adult iceblock.

Plum Shortcake

We love plums and the Black Doris variety are a particular favourite. This shortcake recipe is very easy - just throw the ingredients into a food processor and you’ll have it in the oven in less than 15 minutes. Serve with a large scoop of yoghurt or ice cream. Simply Divine!

Pork and Apple Casserole

Pork and apple have long been known as a perfect match, and this recipe is no exception. Accompanied with a simple garlic mash, you can’t beat this home-cooked meal.

Pork and Apple Cider Braise

Trim and tender pork always gains its fair share of praise and this zesty dish is no exception. Sure to be a favourite with kids and adults alike.

Pork and Kumara Apricot Bake

Give a farmhouse favourite a kiwi twist with the sweet taste of orange fleshed kumara.

Pork Roast with Oriental Plum & Nut Stuffing

Roast pork a family favourite with plum and pistachio - yummy! If you can't get a boneless roast ask a friendly butcher to do it for you.

Pot Roasted Apricot Chicken

A hit from the ‘70s, sweet but savoury Apricot Chicken – and all made in one pot, this is so easy!

Preserved Lemons

If you love those citrus notes in middle eastern cooking try these preserved lemons.

Queen Rice Pudding

Individual baked rice custards with raspberry jam and meringue toping – if the queen came for dinner would the kids leave any for her?

Quick Lemon Tuna Risotto

A simple risotto with lemon, fresh herbs and tuna. Prego!

Roast Apricot Glazed Pork Loin with Stuffing

Arrange the occasion and make your guests feel even more special with this show-stopping pork dish as the centrepiece.

Roast Pork with Sage and Apple Sauce

The classic Sunday dinner loved by pork purists almost everywhere will never go out of fashion. This version is about as authentic as it gets, with fresh seasonings and plenty of must-have sage and apple sauce. A great treat for any big family gathering with the only question being who gets the crackling!

Roast Turkey with Nut and Fruit Stuffing

Apricots, nuts, lemons and herbs – a stuffing like this could become a Xmas tradition.

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