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  • Creamy Strawberry and Amaretti Dessert

    Strawberry flavoured sweetness makes this the perfect dessert for summer evenings.

  • Citrus Honey Chicken with Chunky Peach Sauce

    Some foods were made for each other; like orange, honey, peaches, ginger and chilli – a divine collaboration!

  • Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

    A mouth-watering fruity cheesecake ... sure to be a hit with all the family.

  • Chargrill Chicken Steaks with Avocado and Pineapple Salsa

    Better than any chicken burger you’ve ever eaten! Grilled chicken inside panini bread with a sweet and spicy salsa.

  • Buttermilk Pancakes with Sweet Peaches

    Everyone loves pancakes, and these sweet buttermilk ones are no exception!

  • Boysenberry Hot Water Pavlovas

    Everybody loves pav! Now this Kiwiana classic gets a culinary make-over! These individual pavs drizzled with boysenberry sauce and boysenberries are almost too pretty to eat. Almost!

  • Boysenberry Apple Crumble

    Anytime’s a good time for a wee crumble! Apple crumble is always a family or flat favourite, so add this hot dessert to your weekly menu. Here’s a simple and quick recipe which adds boysenberry jam to the mix and slowly cooks while you’re eating your main.

  • Boysenberry and Apple Sponge

    These classic desserts never go out of fashion. Cook this tonight, and the wonderful aromas will bring a crowd to the dinner table.

  • Blueberry Jam Muffins

    They say sweet things come in small packages, and these fruity little nuggets of deliciousness definitely prove that point. The light, fluffy muffin is just the wrapping to a sweet explosion of blueberry jam and smooth Tararua cream cheese. Seriously addictive stuff.

  • Blueberry Cheesecakes

    A divine combination of coffee, blueberry and lemon flavours!

  • Blueberry Cheesecake Flan

    You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven – assuming heaven has the recipe for this divine baked cheesecake!

  • Blackberry Bread and Butter Pudding

    Butter up the family or flatmates with this pudding! This Blackberry Bread and Butter Pudding layers jam, butter and bread together and slowly bakes in a mixture of crème fraiche and orange rind, which is then served up with a warm blackberry sauce. How can they resist?

  • Blackberry Pinwheel Dessert

    A simple but substantial pudding – just like your Gran might have made in the good old days when a meal wasn’t a meal without pudding!

  • Black Doris Plum Self-Saucing Pud

    Kids find this pud magical – pour boiling water and jam over the batter and it magically turns into a lovely gooey sauce under the pudding!

  • Barbecue Apricot Glazed Ham with Mustard Fruits

    Who can resist a delicious cooked ham? Plus, when it's paired with the fantastic sweet and savoury flavours of apricot sauce and mustard fruits, this summer classic takes on even greater appeal. Try it all through summer or as a fabulous Christmas treat!

  • Apricot Cheesecake

    This simple cheesecake using a biscuit crumb base can be put together in a matter of minutes, set in 3-4 hours, and eaten in a flash!

  • Apricot and Almond Energy Slice

    This easy energy-style muesli bar, made with low GI sugar and a selection of nuts and seeds, makes a great addition to the lunchbox or an ideal afternoon 'pick-me-up' snack.

  • Apple Muesli

    Dad will remember this scrumptious feast long after he's thrown out those ties.

  • Anzac Crumble

    Anzac Day or anytime, this oaty crumble is sure to be a family favourite.