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Egg Recipes

American Hash Brunch

Sometimes you just need a big start to the day – and this is it! Corned Beef, potato and kumara hash – it’s enough to keep you going all weekend.

Asparagus & Vegetable Mini Frittatas

Mini frittatas make a tasty and portable meal, ideal for a picnic or in the lunch box. If you have a weakness for blue cheese, crumble a little on each frittata for a special touch.

Bacon & Egg Pie

For years, Bacon and Egg Pie has been a classic Kiwi favourite. This easy to make recipe will sure to please every member of the family.

Bacon, Basil Pesto & Egg Pies

More than just a dip, Mediterranean Chunky Basil Pesto is the perfect addition in these delicious and simple little pies for bacon lovers.

Baked Bean Hash

If the order of the day is breakfast with the lot, you can’t go past this gargantuan effort. Eggs, bacon and baked beans are piled high on a bed of hearty hash browns and served hot or warm. A never-fail, Sunday morning crowd-pleaser.

Bean and Egg Toastie Pies

Baked Beans on toast is a great kiwi tradition. Wattie’s and Quality Bakers are the perfect partners and so are these bean and egg toastie.

Breakfast Toasted Sandwiches

Baked Beans and Spaghetti are often a staple in the pantry and what better way to use them than in these delicious toasted sandwiches - a take on the traditional French toast – get the yummy factor with your kids!

Café-style Corn & Bacon Quiche

Impress friends with this fancy french-style treat. It's a tasty café fare and you don't even have to leave the house!

Cheat’s Souffle

Souffle’s are notoriously difficult – and this one is notoriously easy – if that’s called cheating then so be it!

Chicken and Corn Savouries

These savouries make a wonderful lunch time treat. They are a great alternative to sandwiches and will be popular with both young and old.

Classic Egg Fried Rice

Everyone enjoys egg fried rice and a good time; Chinese New Year is a good reason to try it this week. So hunt out those chop sticks and be inspired.

Classic Potato & Egg salad

Tried and trusted you can’t go past this classic. With only 4 ingredients it’s the ultimate go to salad this summer. It’s a good idea to keep these ingredients on hand whenever you need to whip something up in hurry.

Corn and Bacon Filo Tart

Don’t be afraid to use filo pastry – it’s light and flaky and surprisingly easy to use. This is a truly tasty tart so expect a race for the leftovers.

Courgette and Pineapple Slice

A savoury slice that couldn’t be easier. Grate, chop, mix, bake and it’s done!

Creamy Vegetable Bake

This versatile bake doubles as a light and a delicious side. The kids won't complain about eating their vegetables tonight!

Easy Bacon and Egg Slice

With just four ingredients this slice is so simple to make and it’s a twist on the traditional bacon and egg pie. For the perfect mouthful every time simply spread tomato sauce directly onto the base before cooking. For tomato sauce lovers don’t forget to serve extra on the side!

Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise is a traditional French sauce, our easy recipe is great over eggs or try it over freshly cooked asparagus.

Egg Dagwood Sandwich

Why stop at one sandwich filling when you can have three or more! Stack ‘em high!

Eggs Bene with Easy Lime Hollandaise

Kick back, relax and enjoy this classic café-style breakfast in the comfort of your own home. Roll on Sunday mornings!

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