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  • Porcupine Meatballs

    Wonder why they’re called porcupine meatballs? It’s because they’re stuffed with rice and when they simmer in the sauce, they start to resemble porcupines with the cooked rice poking out of the meatballs like quills. Delicious served with your favourite green vegetables.

  • Easy Honey Mustard Chicken

    Honey Mustard Chicken is a firm Kiwi favourite. The family will love this version made with HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce. It’s quick and easy and full of flavour – perfect midweek!

  • Mexican Nacho Bowls

    These Mexican Nacho Bowls are a fresh take on the classic! Shake things up with individual bowls made from baked tortilla wraps – super crispy and easy to make. Use HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Spicy Nachos Simmer Sauce for an extra kick and add some Wattie’s Black Beans in Springwater for a true Mexican fiesta!

  • Creamy Mushroom & Chicken Fettuccine

    Love pasta, mushrooms and chicken? Then this Creamy Mushroom & Chicken Fettucine is for you! It looks as good as it tastes and you’re guaranteed to have clean plates. Bring this delicious dish to life in just 30 minutes with HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Creamy Mushroom Simmer Sauce.

  • Honey Mustard Chicken Pie

    You’ll be looking forward to pie for dinner tonight! With a golden-brown crust topping and honey mustard filling, it’s guaranteed to please! Dinner made easy with HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Honey Mustard Simmer Sauce.

  • Classic Nachos

    Nachos is a quick and easy weeknight meal, that’s a sure favourite at the dinner table! Now it’s made even easier with a delicious HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Spicy Nachos Simmer Sauce that provides a shortcut and adds a nice rich flavour!

  • Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Stroganoff

    Only 4 ingredients and 25 minutes later you’ll get a delicious Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Stroganoff. Dinner made easy with HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Creamy Mushroom Simmer Sauce.

  • Honey Mustard Chicken & Potato Bake

    This Honey Mustard Chicken & Potato Bake is great for the family. There’s only 15 minutes of prep in a pan and the oven does the rest! Just serve with a side of your favourite green vegetables for an easy mid-week meal.

  • Beef Casserole

    Nothing beats a good Beef Casserole packed with steak, carrots and mushrooms. Trythis recipe made easy with HEINZ [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Beef Casserole Simmer Sauce. Your dinner guests will be back for seconds!

  • Moussaka

    Moussaka is a guaranteed showstopper at the dinner table, especially when entertaining! It’s a real winner, with layers eggplant and juicy lamb (or beef) mince cooked in a rich tomato sauce and topped with a delicious homemade cheese sauce!

  • One Pan Italian Chicken & Orzo

    Dinner is sorted tonight with this Italian Chicken served with orzo pasta. Full of flavour, especially when you stir through some Mediterranean Basil Pesto Chunky Dip. Serve with your favourite green vegetables for a delicious dinner that’s guaranteed to please!

  • Slow Cooked Lamb with Winter Vegetables

    This slow cooked lamb with winter vegetables makes for the perfect meal on a cold winter’s day. It’s also perfect because it only requires 10 minutes prep and the slow cooker does the rest.

  • Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

    Beef stroganoff is an all-time favourite dish! It’s super easy and has such a depth of flavour, you’ll be looking forward to dinner as soon as you turn on the slow cooker!

  • Easy Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

    This bacon-wrapped chicken is seriously tasty paired with Wattie’s SteamFresh Vege Plus Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce.

  • Mushroom, Bacon & Corn Carbonara

    This creamy Carbonara is sure to impress and only takes 25 minutes to whip up! Packed with mushrooms, bacon and Wattie’s Frozen Supersweet Corn Kernels it’s extremely delicious garnished with a little parmesan!

  • Chicken & Pea Risotto

    This Chicken & Pea Risotto is a delicious one pot meal that can be ready in 35 minutes. Really tasty when you stir through grated parmesan cheese and Wattie’s Frozen Baby Peas.

  • Italian-Style Meatballs

    These Italian-Style Meatballs should be on the menu tonight! Packed full of flavour and made with Wattie’s Chickpeas, there will be nothing left but empty plates.

  • Slow Cooked Teriyaki Pulled Pork

    This slow cooker teriyaki pulled pork is a real winner. Just 5 minutes of prep and the slow cooker does the rest! Deliver a tasty meal that the whole family will enjoy for dinner tonight! The smell of fragrant star anise will linger in the air as the pork cooks away!

  • Warm Thai Chicken & Noodle Salad

    This Warm Thai Chicken & Noodle Salad is simply refreshing! With cabbage, carrots and thin vermicelli noodles flavoured using Wattie’s WOK Creations Thai Coconut, Chilli & Lime Stir-Fry Sauce this dish is guaranteed to please. Take it to the next level and garnish with roasted peanuts for a delightful meal for two.

  • Baked Honey Soy Drumsticks

    Take the stress out of cooking with easy midweek recipe! Using only 4 ingredients, just add some Wattie’s WOK Creations Honey Soy Stir-Fry Sauce to your chicken drumsticks and let them cook away in the oven! It’s so simple and certainly guaranteed to please!