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  • Chicken Sushi

    Fancy making your own sushi but don’t know how? Then give this recipe a go. Easy and tasty!

  • Winter Chicken Pie

    No, you don’t have to make pastry! It’s topped with Potato Pom Poms, so you don’t even have to peel a potato!

  • Warm Chicken and Rice Salad

    Grab the ingredients on the way home or use chicken left from another meal, and you have the making of a quick and easy dinner. With the weather warming up it's time for new salad ideas.

  • Turkish Chicken Rolls

    Give the humble sandwich a much-needed lift with this quick and easy combo. Add coriander, ginger, red onion, cumin seeds and Wattie’s Bit on the Side Vege Deluxe Pickle to lean, skinless chicken thigh fillets − then place it all between a toasted Turkish roll. It’s healthy fuel for summer fun.

  • Turkey Drumsticks in an Apricot Sauce

    Turkey becomes an easy everyday dish with Tegel Fresh Turkey Drumsticks roasted with Wattie’s Bit on the Side Apricot Sauce.

  • The Ultimate Father's Day Breakfast

    These delicious little bread cases filled with baked beans and chicken bacon are so easy to prepare and perfect for the kids to make for Father's Day

  • Thai Scented Roast Christmas Turkey

    Deliciously non-traditional! A boneless turkey roast scented with fabulous Kaffir Lime leaves and glazed with sweet chilli sauce. Try it for Christmas in April, Christmas in July, Christmas in October…

  • The Ultimate Breakfast

    Baked beans are back in style! Why not power up your morning with baked beans and chicken bacon strips wrapped up in a fresh egg omelette − a great way to start the day if you're about to hit the ski slopes or venture out for a spot of diving!

  • Thai Larb

    This is a popular, refreshing Thai dish. The fresh flavours combined with crisp lettuce make a superb little entrée bite, or put some rice on and have it as a main meal.

  • Thai Coconut Curry

    This easy recipe can be made with either prawns or chicken and the flavour has been perfected for you.

  • Thai Chicken Steaks with Rice Noodle Salad

    Layers of subtle Asian flavours and interesting textures make this quick and easy chicken dish a popular choice you can turn to time after time.

  • Tangy Apricot Nibbles

    Add a bit of variety to your barbecue this weekend. Introduce some new flavours with these two quick marinades.

  • Sweet Chilli Chicken

    It’s roast chicken, but not as you know it! Marinated with sweet chilli sauce and roasted, then served with a pawpaw salsa.

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken with Coconut Sambal

    We all love sweet and sour chicken, but this coconut sambal is especially delicious. Add some pawpaw or mango to the salad and enjoy a tasty, tropical dish.

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir-Fry

    Wok-a-licious! Cooking with a wok is quick and easy. This recipe is a great way to get into the groove combining lemon, ginger, chicken and vegetables together to create a sweet and sour taste sensation.

  • Summer Smoked Chicken Salad

    This delicious smoked chicken salad is a true taste of summer. The lovely blend of fruit, chicken and honey mustard is perfect for a quick lunch, summer picnic or entertaining friends.

  • Summer Brunch Fritters

    Looking for something different for a special brunch? Try these fritters made with smoked chicken rashers, courgettes and tzatziki – a tangy Greek-style yoghurt dip.

  • Spicy Tomato Chicken

    Chicken thighs are perfect for casseroles. They stay deliciously tender, and the meat just drops off the bone and melts in your mouth.

  • Southern-Style Chicken with Avocado Sauce

    Take your taste buds south of the border with this Tex-Mex chicken.

  • Smoked Tuscan Chicken and Tomato Pasta

    Smoky flavours and pasta go together like birds of a feather – as you’ll find out when you try this classic dish with a Tuscan twist.