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  • Hearty Mince Cottage Pie

    The humble pie gets an exotic makeover with the addition of some mild Indian spices.

  • Hearty Beef Casserole with Beer

    Yes, beer! And no, it’s not because we accidentally dropped some into the casserole and discovered it tasted good. It’s an old English tradition – ideal for people who like to eat their beer as well as drink it.

  • Greek Beef Pita Pockets

    A tasty yet easy-to-prepare Greek-style snack or lunch that's ideal for weekend meals!

  • French Country Casserole

    Beef, mushrooms, French bread and cheese – the French know a thing or two about hearty cooking, so take a page out of their cookbook!

  • French Beef and Mushroom Cottage Pie

    Give Cottage Pie a French accent with fresh mushrooms and Wattie's Just Add Country French Mince Simmer Sauce. Voila!

  • Empire Meatloaf

    This is the kind of tasty, never-fail-to-please meal that’s kept the home fires burning in every corner of the once-glorious Empire for generations. Deliciously filling with layers of complementary flavours that will make the whole family go "Mmm-mmm!"

  • Country French Meatballs

    A simple, honest dish of meatballs and mushrooms simmered in a delicious sauce.

  • Country Cottage Pie

    Simple to prepare, this hearty cottage pie is sure to become a dinnertime staple. The breadcrumb topping is a yummy twist to a comforting classic.

  • Cottage Pie

    Give the dependable cottage pie an inspired lift with rich tomato flavours under a creamy cap of cheesy mashed potato.

  • Classic Beef, Garlic and Herb Hotpot

    Rich and satisfying for those cool nights. Add some garlic and herb sea salt to the mashed potatoes for full, happy tums. Another easy recipe for the oven or crockpot.

  • Chilli Con Carne

    The classic and versatile meat and beans sauce can be served with nachos, on rice, on top of baked potatoes – or just about any other way you care to invent.

  • Cheeseburgers with Sweet Potato Salad

    Here’s an easy barbeque idea: burgers with a great kumara and orange salad on the side.

  • Café-Style Cottage Pie

    A family friendly cottage pie − make the plain one for the kids, or add the chorizo and wine for the adults. Smiles all round!

  • Burgers and Barbecue Sauce

    A brilliant barbecue sauce turns burgers into something special. Make a batch and store in the fridge – then all you have to do is throw the burger patties on the barbie!

  • Burritos

    Kids love these. Let them fill and wrap their own burritos – messy, but fun!

  • BLAT Burger, Wattie's Style

    Burgers are great fun food, and teenagers love them. These ones − with salad and super easy avocado spread − are the perfect weekend BLAT...

  • Beef Quesadillas

    Quesadillas are all the rage. A Mexican-style toasted sandwich with all your favourite flavours for an easy casual meal or snack. The mince is not too spicy, so all the family can enjoy it − and if you like it hotter, just add your favourite chilli sauce into your quesadilla.

  • Beef Stroganoff

    Here's a recipe with a twist − a rich beef casserole with the addition of smoked paprika. Finish with lite cream for full flavour without the guilt.

  • Beef and Salsa Bean Pancake Pie

    Tasty and much healthier than normal pastry − not to mention easier and less messy. Easy as pie!

  • Beef and Pineapple Satay

    Satay sauce is one of the greatest Indonesian inventions of all time! The creamy, nutty sauce combines wonderfully well here with stir-fry beef and pineapple.