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  • Shawarmas

    Here’s an easy way to recreate the delicious taste of Middle Eastern shawarmas at home.

  • Sesame Lamb Burgers

    Burgers go gourmet! These tasty lamb burgers are seasoned with lemon, ginger and sesame, served on grilled bread and topped with grilled red peppers, salad and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

  • [SERIOUSLY] GOOD™ Potato Salad

    There's no need to wait for the weekend − with summer's long evenings a picnic for dinner is a nice way to break the midweek routine.

  • Savoury Corn and Cottage Cheese Muffins

    Who can resist the appeal of homemade muffins? Repeat after us: give in to temptation, give in to temptation. We promise you won’t regret it.

  • Salmon Aioli Wraps

    We’ve got summer snacks wrapped. These tasty salmon and melon combos are ideal for lunch, or sliced into bite-sized bits for nibbles with drinks.

  • Roman Salad

    If there’s any dish better suited to the long hot days of summer than a fresh crunchy salad, we certainly haven’t found it. This variation on the iconic Caesar combines the zesty flavours of triple smoked ham and parmesan with a smooth, creamy dressing.

  • Quick Bean Salad

    Some dishes are almost too easy! This one, using pasta shells and mixed bean salad, gets a medal for utter simplicity and another one for taste!

  • Pesto Tomato Cheese Tarts

    Little tarts or one big one – great for picnics, parties or shared meals.

  • Peasant Salad

    Eggs, asparagus or green beans, tuna, mixed beans and French bread get together in this tasty summer walk-in salad.

  • No Cook Beetroot Relish

    A brilliant concoction that keeps in the fridge – perfect for barbecues.

  • Mexican Bean Dip

    This is an easy and delicious dip, and great for sharing.

  • Lemon Squash

    This recipe makes you think of the country with the lovely flavours of real lemon.

  • Lemon and Honey Mustard Glazed Ham

    This must be the easiest glaze we've done, but it's also easily one of the most delicious. Glaze the ham ahead of time to serve cold with the fabulous flavours of the glaze, or bake it a bit longer to serve it hot and decorate with herbs and flax for that Kiwi touch.

  • Salmon with Lemon and Dill Aioli

    A tasty way to enjoy salmon with the traditional flavours of lemon and dill. Just like a restaurant meal at home for a fraction of the price.

  • Lamb Satays

    Marinating strips of lamb overnight in satay sauce, garlic, brown sugar and soy sauce infuses it with sweet and spicy flavour. Great as a meal or a party nibble.

  • Lamb Pesto Kebabs with Italian-Style Sauce

    Italian flavour makes these classic lamb kebabs an offer you simply can’t refuse. And why would you when they take New Zealand’s favourite meat to such heights?

  • Kumara and Bacon Salad and Barbecue Pork Steaks

    This orange and mustard dressing is used here both as a marinade and a salad dressing that’s handy and tasty too! Save this recipe now as this is going to be a hot favourite for summer entertaining. In fact, print two copies ... this is one worth sharing.

  • Kiwi Burger Subs with Beetroot Jelly

    This recipe is real Kiwiana. Burgers, beetroot and coleslaw. If you weren’t around in the 60s you won’t remember how surprisingly good this beetroot jelly tastes. Dare you to try it!

  • Italian Beetroot Salad

    It’s colourful – and delicious! A wonderful beetroot, broad bean, walnut and orzo salad.

  • Honey Mustard Chicken and Melon Salad

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To pair up with honey, mustard and rockmelon in a scrumptious salad you’ll just love.