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  • Honey Beef Burgers

    “Honey, these burgers are divine!” Seasoned with the flavours of honey and soy, they’ve got what it takes. Expect compliments to the chef.

  • Honey Chicken with Avocado Salad

    Tasty marinated chicken thighs served with an avocado and orange salad.

  • Mexican Chicken in Crispy Tacos

    Ole! Try these tacos for a Mexican fling. You can also use burritos or corn chips and they are just as tasty!

  • Greek Beef Pita Pockets

    A tasty yet easy-to-prepare Greek-style snack or lunch that's ideal for weekend meals!

  • Gourmet Chilli Lamb Steaks

    ‘Gourmet’ doesn’t need to mean ‘difficult’. In fact, in this case it means ‘ridiculously easy, but very impressive.'

  • Gourmet Peri Peri Chicken Burger

    This delicious chicken burger sandwich with grilled vegetables can all be made outside on the barbie. Serve it on slices of gourmet bread, and serve it to friends and family while enjoying the summer.

  • ETA Caesar Salad

    The classic combination of lettuce, bacon, egg and croutons, combined in a Caesar dressing. It’s addictive – especially when you know how easy it is.

  • Egg Dagwood Sandwich

    Why stop at one sandwich filling when you can have three or more? Stack ‘em high!

  • Couscous & Beetroot Salad

    Add a bit of colour to your next barbecue with this beautiful pink salad. Yes, pink! Did you want it in another colour?

  • Chinese Chicken Nibbles

    Perfect for a party platter. Marinated chicken nibbles served with a delicious chilli and yoghurt dipping sauce.

  • Cheeseburgers with Sweet Potato Salad

    Here’s an easy barbeque idea: burgers with a great kumara and orange salad on the side.

  • Chargrill Chicken Steaks with Avocado and Pineapple Salsa

    Better than any chicken burger you’ve ever eaten! Grilled chicken inside panini bread with a sweet and spicy salsa.

  • Burgers and Barbecue Sauce

    A brilliant barbecue sauce turns burgers into something special. Make a batch and store in the fridge – then all you have to do is throw the burger patties on the barbie!

  • Barbecue Steaks with Oyster Sauce Stir-Fry

    A quick and easy marinade is always a handy recipe to have with barbecue season on its way, and this recipe also doubles as a stir-fry sauce. Spring, summer or winter, this recipe will always taste great. Check out our tips for how to cook perfect steaks, too!

  • Barbecue Pesto Chicken with Roasters and Vegetables

    Ever wondered what a Mediterranean barbecue tastes like? Find out with our delicious pesto-filled chicken breasts, potato roasters and vegetables − all barbecued as only Kiwis could.

  • Barbecue Orange and Mustard Glazed Ham

    Ham on the bone is a great special occasion food everyone enjoys. This glaze is simple yet tasty, so why not cook it outside on the barbie and free up the oven for other Christmas cooking?

  • Barbecue Mini Burger Stack

    A welcome addition to any family barbie. Build ‘em up with homemade beef mince patties, golden Wattie’s Medallions, and a liberal helping of tomato ketchup. A genuine child-pleaser!

  • Barbecue Burgers

    Burgers on the barbie! On a hot summer’s night it doesn’t get easier than this.

  • Barbecue Chicken Sausages with Roast Kumara Salad

    It's time to wheel out the barbie and whip up a fresh summer salad! This clever combo lets you do both in one go, and it even includes tasty chicken bacon for all the dedicated meat lovers out there. We balance the meal with a liberal helping of barbecued kumara and crunchy salad vegetables.

  • Barbecue Apricot Glazed Ham with Mustard Fruits

    Who can resist a delicious cooked ham? Plus, when it's paired with the fantastic sweet and savoury flavours of apricot sauce and mustard fruits, this summer classic takes on even greater appeal. Try it all through summer or as a fabulous Christmas treat!