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Wattie's Beer Batter Fries 700g

If you think fries can’t get any better, think again! Wattie’s has launched Beer Batter Steak Cut Fries, made using premium beer, and delicious Kiwi potatoes – a combination set to be a New Zealand favourite!

Wattie’s new Beer Batter Fries are made from 100% New Zealand potatoes, cut in thick slices that are then generously dipped in a delicious and crunchy Beer Batter coating. The beer is made by a boutique New Zealand brewery ensuring it’s from as close to home as the potatoes it coats and the tummies it fills.

Aside from being extra-tasty, the beer batter coating also means that the fries are extra crunchy and crisp – perfect for dunking into that other Kiwi favourite – Wattie’s Tomato Sauce!