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  • Wattie’s Kiwi Favourites Cookbook

    The recent launch of the new Wattie’s Kiwi Favourites Cookbook has been warmly received by Kiwi’s and is one of New Zealand’s biggest selling cookbooks, and will make a great Christmas gift.

  • Leftover ham? Here are some great ideas:

    • Cut thick and grill on the BBQ with pineapple pieces
    • Dice and use in omelettes, scrambled eggs or fried rice
    • Use diced or sliced ham on pizza or in toasted sandwiches
  • Separating Egg Whites

    When separating egg whites, break each egg into a secondary dish before adding to the mixture. Avoid using any whites that have yolk in them.

  • Checking your fridge temperature

    Your fridge can get overloaded over the Christmas season so make sure you regulate the temperature to make sure it stays cold enough (between 2-4°C). Always keep food in the fridge and items which just need keeping cool such as drinks in a chilly bin with ice.

  • Preparing for Christmas

    At this time of year it’s very easy to get caught up in the madness of all the things we have decided we must do to make this the best Christmas ever!

  • Thawing Frozen Turkey

    Thaw frozen turkey in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before cooking.

  • Frying with butter

    When frying with butter, add a little oil to prevent the butter from burning. The oil raises the ‘smoke point’ or the temperature at which butter will burn.

  • The Humble Chickpea

    The humble chickpea (also known as the Garbanzo bean), can be reasonably plain on its own but that is part of its beauty!

  • Flavour your roast vegetables

    Splash a little balsamic vinegar over 5 minutes before the end of cooking, giving a delicious flavour to the vegetables.

  • Colour your Diet

    Nothing says summer in NZ like the vivid colour of beetroot in your salad, sandwich or burger.