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  • Freezing – Save Time and Money

    Many people write in about whether a particular recipe can be frozen. Freezing meals is especially useful if you are a 2 person household and the recipe serves 4 or 6 and it is not easy to halve the recipe. It always leaves you with the question of what to do with that other half a can of something. Freezing meals can also be a great way to save money by buying meat when it is on special and doubling the recipe and freezing a meal for another night or to give to someone needing a helping hand.

  • Beautiful Basics

    Recently, I got my new (well new to me, thanks TradeMe) sewing machine serviced. It's semi industrial, which means it goes really fast, I'm very excited about whipping up something new to wear. This is perfectly natural to me, but in the past I have often been called a Nana.

    Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to be a Nana, but in your twenties it's not exactly what you want to hear. It was a wee bit of a dig at some of my rather old fashioned domestic type hobbies, cooking and sewing for example. My case for being a hip young thing probably wasn't helped by my large scarf collection, the Granny type, add a coat and gloves, which I often do and ... well, you get the picture.

  • Upgraded Recipe Search Capability on the Food in a Minute Website

    We've just upgraded the recipe search capability on our website using the Google Custom Search Engine™. Now you’ll always get the most relevant Food in a Minute pages at the top of your search results.

  • Diet help for Diabetics from Julie, Nutritionist

    We get many people writing in to ask us about what they should eat and which recipes they can use if they are diabetic and it's little wonder with the latest NZ Health Survey reporting that the number of people in New Zealand with diabetes is about 1 in 20 adults and still increasing slightly. Diabetes is a serious condition where the body has difficulty controlling blood sugar levels.

  • Can Cook Can Save $$$ from Lisa, Food Editor

    Lately, I’ve been busy writing recipes for a cookbook. It will be based on Project Cook, a Wattie’s initiative to help 9-10 year olds get in the kitchen, learn cooking skills and understand basic food science and nutrition. Currently, Project Cook is a resource supplied to schools to fit in with their curriculum.

  • Say Cheese.

    I have been to cheese heaven! It was called Cheesefest 09. Even the name Cheesefest sets my heart-a-racing. Yes I'm a wee bit of a cheese put it mildly.

    It all began a year ago when a friend arrived about 8.30pm with a great big bag of cheese."Put your hand in" said she grinning from ear to ear, I glady obliged, again, and again and cheese, creamy havarti, cheddar, camembert...holy cheese Batman, where did all this come from?" Cheesefest"

  • Sharing is Caring

    Kia ora, firstly I would like to thank all the people who have emailed in with messages of support and encouragement. I am really touched that people have taken time out of their busy days to help make me feel so welcome in my new role – thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.

    Something else that has been happening lately is everywhere I go people are asking if I’d like to hear about their favourite recipes…of course I’m all ears! I’m interested and inspired hearing which recipes really work for people. It got me thinking about what a good idea it is to exchange recipes with each other, sharing is caring I always say.

  • Ideas for the picking from Lisa, Food Editor

    Like many people I have an excess of vegetables at this time of the year and I also enjoy coming up with recipes for new ways of cooking them. This year I have been enjoying roasting beetroot on the BBQ; I start by either scrubbing it beforehand and popping it on and peeling it later or peeling it, wrapping it in foil and roasting it.

    Our recipe for are a great way of using excess capsicum or oversized courgettes and are great reheated the next day for lunch. I love growing beans and don’t get sick of making a quick bean salad by cutting and blanching my beans, adding a can of Craig’s Beans (any type), some chopped red onion, and my favourite dressing with this is Eta Aged Balsamic with Horopito Vinaigrette.

  • Global Village…mmm delicious!

    Kia ora, well I had a wonderful Waitangi Day. I packed up a good old fashioned picnic for the whanau and headed down to Okahu Bay along the waterfront in Auckland. We were off to ‘Native Noise’ one of the many free family events now happening around the country on our national day. Everything was well organised, we paid to park on the rugby grounds right behind the event, well worth it. Grabbed our gear, wandered over and set up our ‘base’.

    I was the base actually, while the kids were up and down to the playground, obstacle course and various other fun stuff I was quite content under my big straw hat just listening to the great music, people watching, grazing and relaxing.

  • Too hot to cook

    Kia ora everyone,

    I don't know about everyone else but this lovely hot weather is even sapping some of my motivation and enthusiasm in the kitchen. What can I do about this, I thought? I needed inspiration...and what better place to find it than on this very website!

    I had a great time looking through all the recipes, bookmarking those that took my fancy, looking at them all again and highlighting my favourites. It did the trick alright, now I'm spoilt for choice for ideas of what to cook. The new search features are great, I particularly like the search by season function.