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  • Bread making tips

    Nothing beats the taste and aroma of freshly baked bread. It doesn’t need to be too hard to do with some tips.

  • Quick poached eggs

    Karen B suggested for cafe style poached eggs, fill a coffee cup one third with boiling water. Break the egg in and microwave for 25-30 seconds. Just adjust the time by a few seconds depending on how you like your eggs.

  • Let’s toast to tomatoes!

    We all know tomatoes are delicious and versatile, but what about how good they are for us too! Tomatoes are a powerhouse of nutrients and they are especially high in antioxidants and fibre.

  • Coleslaw without waste

    Kelly M has sent in her coleslaw tip; When she makes a big bowl of coleslaw Kelly only adds dressing when it’s on the plate, then you can use the rest of the sliced vege for a stir fry if you want a change from coleslaw.

  • Satisfying Salad

    The Crunchy Slaw recipe is a great variation on the traditional coleslaw. By using the High Fibre mix you’re really boosting the nutrients and variety of vegetables. As the name suggests this is a great way to get more fibre, and in this tasty recipe you won’t even notice! Fibre is so important as it keeps our tummies in good working order and supports healthy digestion.

  • To eat or not to eat…

    I went to The Food Show last week. Needless to say I had a great time, I would, wouldn’t I with a huge hall full of food and drink to sample, demonstrations by some of my favourite chefs, and lots of lovely people to talk to about food.

    What really struck me though, was the ‘something for everyone’ factor. Really, everything from breakfast cereals to fresh truffles. It started me thinking, we all need to eat, that’s a given, but there is such a wide range of attitudes and beliefs around food.

  • Too many lemons?

    Here’s a quick tip; cut excess lemons into segments and freeze in a re-sealable bag then just drop the frozen lemon segments into drinks when required.

  • Spring

    Lana talks about the spring season and the recipes we have in store for the coming season.

  • Pulses get my pulse going!

    If someone had offered me a recipe with beans or lentils in a year ago I would have politely declined and dreamed of a juicy steak or lamb chop. But I have to say I have come a full circle over the last year and and have even surprised myself; I am really enjoying pulses. Pulses is a collective name for dried bean, peas and lentils. Often called the poor man’s protein but cheap doesn’t need to mean tasteless.

  • Wattie's Crunchy Tempura Chips and Wedges 700g

    Wattie’s has put an innovative and indulgent new twist on an iconic favourite with the crisp and deliciously crunchy Tempura Battered oven fries and wedges.

    New Zealand grown potatoes, lightly battered tempura style and fried to give them a distinctive golden crispness and superior crunch – essential elements of a champion chip! This fabulous fusion of good old kiwi chips with a light and savoury Japanese style batter is sure to make them a family favourite.