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  • Are you looking for a small meal that will really fill you up?

    Potatoes are a tasty snack or light meal that really leaves you satisfied but do you know why this is and what else is so good about potatoes?

    Potatoes are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and potassium. They are also virtually fat free and contain no cholesterol, which is always good piece of mind!

  • Separating eggs

    Sally W has a quick way of separating eggs. Break it into your hand and let the white out between your fingers. There is less risk of the yolk breaking this way.

  • How do you read a food label?

    Have you often found yourself standing in the supermarket trying to decide which product to buy so you turn to the label on the back to get some help? With all those numbers and codes it can sometimes be very overwhelming and you end up none the wiser!

  • Don't waste that lovely fruit syrup

    Try freezing the syrup in ice cube trays and add to smoothies or pour into ice block moulds for the kids to eat. And if you are fortunate enough to have an ice cream maker then this Black Doris plum syrup makes a beautiful sorbet without adding anything else.

  • Tenderise meat

    Patricia H sent us this tip: To tenderise stir-fry meat; dust the meat with cornflour and drizzle with soy sauce and leave as long as possible or refrigerate overnight.

  • Let’s Cook

    Some time ago I wrote a blog about saving money by knowing how to cook. We at Food In a Minute really believe in this and with Wattie’s we have written a cook book called Let’s Cook with over 70 recipes aimed primarily at children learning to cook but with recipes which will suit any age and abilities.

    There are some good old fashioned basics, like cooking a roast, savoury mince, pancakes and muffins and how to make some great salads and soups.

  • Organising your freezer saves time and guesswork

    It seems an obvious but easy tip to forget; when putting leftover food in the freezer write the name, how many servings and the date on the container. No need to guess the contents and amount. Thanks Elsa C for that. You can freeze unbaked scone dough which has already been cut into portions so why not write on the cooking instructions too.

  • Some Seriously Good Mayonnaise

    All it takes to turn your food into something rather exciting is a little Heinz® Seriously Good Mayonnaise. And now it comes in a seriously easy squeezy bottle. So you can tuck into all the goodness of free-range eggs and GMO free canola oil, without even lifting a finger. You will still have to squeeze though.

  • Value meals

    Saving money on the grocery bill doesn’t need to mean missing out on nutritious and tasty meals.

    At Food in a Minute we have costed out our meal recipes and put together recipes we think represent good value for money.

    These recipes make a delicious main meal ensuring adequate protein and when served with vegetables make a balanced meal. We have also included lighter meals and vegetarian meals to give variety to your weekly meal planning.

  • Crumbing Tip

    Audrey W has a great tip to give an everyday meal a tasty change. When preparing the breadcrumbs for coating meat, chicken or fish add a sprinkle of garlic, BBQ flavouring or your favourite seasonings to the breadcrumbs and coat as usual.