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  • Mediterranean Dips - More than just a dip!

    Watch our tasty take on delicious little pies, sliders and salad using Mediterranean Dips!

  • Eta.. this changes everything

    Watch our videos below for great tips and ideas on taking your salads to the next level with Eta's dressings and mayo this summer!

  • Escape the ordinary with Mediterranean Dips

    Watch as Lorenzo takes you on a taste of the Mediterranean right here in New Zealand!

  • Squeeze on the flavour this summer with OXO®!

    A must have in the pantry this summer are NEW OXO® Concentrated Liquid Stocks.

  • Best ever cheese on toast!

    Nothing is more satisfying than delicious, oozy, golden and bubbling cheese on toast. It all starts with great ingredients. For the best results we used Egmont Cheese. It grills crispy with a less oily finish which means it looks and tastes better, making the best ever cheese on toast!

  • Convenience CAN taste great with Wattie's Meal Sensations

    Rediscover Wattie’s Meal Sensations – internationally inspired frozen meals that are ready fast and full of flavour. Using a special steaming bag means meals are cooked to perfection - the vegies are fresher, the flavours more tasty, and the nutrients almost perfectly preserved.

  • NEW Wattie's Soup of the Day 430g

    Introducing Wattie’s pouch soups – six fresh tasting flavours with no preservatives! Make Wattie’s your soup of the day.

  • New Wattie's Creations™ Frozen Vegetables

    Complement your dishes with new Wattie's Creations™ Frozen Vegetables.

  • Farmers Markets

    The beautiful setting for our latest Wattie’s NZ Grown Pick of the Crop television commercial was filmed at Oratia Farmers Market in West Auckland.


    Paper Moon is set for the stars

    Auckland seaside café Paper Moon has been crowned the top café in the country in the inaugural NZ Café of the Year competition.