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  • Summer

    Lana talks about the summer season and the recipes we have in store for the coming season.

  • Increase your Fibre

    Substitute some of the flour for wheat germ or bran in your baking to add some fibre and boost the goodness. Do you have any healthy tips to share?

  • Canning – it’s just so simple!

    Did you know that the process of canning means that no preservatives are needed?

    Yes, fresh fruit and vegetables are sealed air-tight in a can that gets heated to destroy those micro-organisms that cause food to spoil and this does away with the need for any preservative! Easy as that! And even better the can is made from 100% recyclable steel which means the packaging is good for the environment too.

  • Prevent waste from tubes

    Thanks to Jocelyn C for reminding us about this savings tip. Every time you empty a tube, be it toothpaste, hand cream or herbs, cut it in half. You will be amazed at how much remains in a seemingly empty tube.

  • Home baking at the ready

    Whenever Donna B bakes muffins she cooks a double batch freezes them in zip lock bags for later. Kids can easily grab these out for school lunches. If they pack their lunch boxes the night before by morning tea or lunchtime the muffin is completely thawed. Do the same with fruit loaves - it slices really well while frozen, can be buttered if desired, wrapped and added to lunch boxes easily too. Thanks for the tip!

  • Asparagus Tip

    Annette K has suggested a few extra ways of using asparagus. Instead of always wrapping asparagus in bread, try wrapping a slice of ham around it, shaved ham is quite economical, or place a piece of your favourite cheese inside the ham and microwave for about 45 seconds. This makes nice party snacks. Thanks Annette.

  • Banana Tips

    Most of us know that you can freeze brown bananas to use in baking, but did you know if you peel a fresh banana and cut it into halves or quarters and freeze it in resealable bags it is great to add into smoothies or add to porridge when cooking. Or push half bananas onto ice cream sticks and when frozen squirt on Cottee's Choc Wizz for a choc dipped bananas. This makes a great kid's party idea. Thanks to Cathy D for this tip.

  • To clean oil after frying

    After frying clean the oil before putting it away by placing a couple of layers of paper towels in the funnel then slowly pour through the oil. This will filter out any food particles left from frying. Keep the oil in a dark place to be used again.

  • Are you looking for a small meal that will really fill you up?

    Potatoes are a tasty snack or light meal that really leaves you satisfied but do you know why this is and what else is so good about potatoes?

    Potatoes are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and potassium. They are also virtually fat free and contain no cholesterol, which is always good piece of mind!

  • Separating eggs

    Sally W has a quick way of separating eggs. Break it into your hand and let the white out between your fingers. There is less risk of the yolk breaking this way.