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  • I love picnics

    I love picnics. Even just taking a blanket out on to the lawn to eat lunch feels relaxing and special. Occasionally I will decide well in advance and have lots of fun planning and making and baking a real feast.

  • Gluten free Baking

    If you or family and friends are gluten free there’s no need to feel left out when it comes to baking.

    With there being a lot more interest in gluten free there is now a lot more choice in the shops for gluten free products, but they can be expensive, so baking is a good option.

  • Keep those cereal crumbs

    Barbara M has sent us her savings tip - all those crumbs which gather at the bottom of your breakfast cereal, keep these and use to coat fish, chicken, meats. It gives a more crunchy dish.

  • Juice please!

    Drink a glass of juice with your dinner, not only does one glass of juice count towards your fruit and vegetable for the day but the vitamin C will also help iron absorption.

  • Not just for the birds

    Seeds – yes it sounds like a diet for birds but these tasty little foods are a powerhouse of nutrients.

  • Quick Dips

    Tired of the same old, same old. Rebecca N mixes Wattie's Wok creation sachets like the Lime& Chilli flavours with yoghurt, and/or sour cream to make a very popular dip with her friends. Thanks.

  • Leftover ham

    If you are like us here, we love ham but by about day three we are tired of ham sandwiches and ham steaks, so try it in salads, risotto, scrambled eggs, fried rice and pasta sauce to name a few ideas. Tell us how you use leftover ham.

  • Here comes Christmas

    As Christmas fast approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in a real whirlwind of things to do, places to be, things to buy, and people to see.

    I think it’s a really good idea to stop and take a deep breath, and think about what is really important to us about the holiday season.

  • Refreshments

    When we think of drinks for the festive season, alcoholic drinks are often top of mind. Personally, I’m always on the lookout for some good non-alcoholic options.

    Not only to offer at parties, also to have on hand when people drop around and as a celebratory option that the whole whanau can enjoy together.

  • Conventional oven cooking for a whole turkey

    To cook a whole fresh or thawed turkey in the oven, preheat the oven to 160ºC and place the turkey breast side up in an oven pan. Do not fan bake as this will unnecessarily dry out the skin and surface meat before the deeper meat is fully cooked.