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  • Main Meal ideas

    There are lots of different traditions for the main meal on Christmas Day, we’ve chosen a few of our favourites to share. Inspiration including ham, turkey and even a non-traditional pulled pork. Whatever you decide - eat, drink and be merry this Christmas!
  • Party food ideas

    It's the time of year when you gather with friends and family so it's great to have some trusted party food ideas to keep the guests happy. Here are some of our favourites to enjoy and share.
  • Dessert ideas

    Christmas is a great excuse to enjoy some sweet treats. Here are some of our top recipes to finish the meal on Christmas day and enjoy throughout the festive season. Merry Christmas!
  • Summer Entertaining Made Easy

    There's nothing better for summer entertaining than vibrant salads, light meals and BBQ recipes. Check out our easy, colourful and flavoursome recipe inspiration for your next social gathering.
  • Wattie's Black Doris Plums

    Wattie’s Black Doris Plums are rich in flavour and colour, perfect for baking and desserts. Here are some Food in a Minute classic recipes which always guarantee to please.
  • Salads and starters ideas

    It’s great to have a selection of ‘go-to’ salads over the festive season so we’ve gathered our favourites for you to enjoy. From popular potato to Asian inspired salads, there’s something here to keep everyone happy!
  • Just Hummus dips: The perfect addition to everyday meals

    Just Hummus makes a delicious addition to your favourite sandwiches and wraps so get inspired and try it with some of your everyday meals! It’s especially great for summer entertaining!
  • How Mint! Delicious Mint Recipe Inspiration

    Is your garden bed overflowing with an abundance of Mint? Here are some great recipes to help you make the most of your home-grown mint.
  • Summer Seafood Salads

    Summer is well and truly here so here’s some seafood salad inspiration to celebrate the hot weather! Get inspired and try these delicious and easy seafood salads!
  • Smoked Hickory BBQ Meatfest!

    There’s a new sauce in town! Wattie’s Smoked Hickory Flavoured BBQ Sauce adds a delicious rich and smokey flavour to your favourite BBQ meats!
  • Sweet and Savoury Summer Delights!

    Summer is just around the corner and we have some sweet and savoury recipes to delight your tastebuds! These recipes are quick, easy and very on trend so get creative and give them a try!
  • Great Tasting Dips from The Good Taste Company

    The Good Taste Company has launched a brand NEW range of great tasting dips! Packed full of flavour and with great flavour combinations, they're sure to make summer more interesting!
  • Heinz Seriously Good Irresistible Pairings

    Try these Heinz Seriously Good irresistible pairing recipe ideas. Simply delicious and so quick to whip up using Heinz Seriously Good Caramelised Onion Mayonnaise and Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Lovers Aioli.
  • Mediterranean Dips – More than just a dip

    We’ve put together some great ideas for other ways to use or Mediterranean Greek-Style Yoghurt & Chunky Dips to inspire you.
  • Our favourites using delicious NZ Grown Wattie’s Corn

    Here are some of our favourite recipes using the sweetest corn grown in the sunny Hawke’s Bay
  • Our Baking Favourites

    Perfect for those leading busy lives – find some quick and easy meal ideas here!
  • Winter Meals

    The temperatures droppin’ so get WOK’n with our favourite Wattie’s WOK Creations recipes.
  • Meals in Under 20 Minutes

    Busy week ahead? Get dinner WOK’n with these delicious 20 minute Wattie’s WOK Creations recipes.
  • Meals with 5 Ingredients or Less

    If you love Asian food, try the authentic flavours of Wattie’s WOK Creations tonight.
  • Midwinter Christmas

    Celebrate Midwinter Christmas with our collection of sweet delights.